Are you looking for the perfect end-to-end financial system for your business needs?

If yes is your answer, you landed on the right page. At Customer Service 365, we pride ourselves on providing advanced financial systems that are integrated with customer management and service systems. Most importantly, we excel at developing systems that are tailored to your needs.

As you probably know, inventory management and customer relationship management (CRM) is all about knowing where your stock is located and who is buying it from you. These two systems go hand in hand - however in most of the cases - cannot be integrated with the financial reporting systems.

In other words, most of the business owners out there don't know what's physically in stock and who has or hasn't paid for the products.

Now, let us introduce you to a system that perfectly optimizes your inventory management, CRM and basically all of the business function with advanced financial reporting. Customer Service 365 is a system that gives you a competitive edge and abilities to plan effectively. Moreover, it is a system that:

Allows your customers to submit requests
Tracks, auto escalates and automatically responds to requests
Has a built-in knowledge base for self help
Has a web portal that allows customers to view and track progress of their orders
Manages Service Level Agreements
Manages contracts and service entitlements

With the Customer Service 365 advanced financial monitoring, you can finally set the bar higher and grow your business. The perfect end-to-end financial system for Australian businesses is now here - and it is way more affordable than you may have thought!

Finally, you can optimize your inventory management and planning and escape the traditional accounting jobs. With the Customer Service 365 financial reporting system, everything will work like a clock and you will be able to monitor every transaction directly with the back-office and accounting systems.

Thanks to this integration, your business can gain a competitive edge and let you plan effectively, execute predictably and minimize labor costs and errors that are associated with manual reconciliation.


Still wondering if this is the right decision to make?

Check out the video below and see the Customer Service 365 financial reporting system in action!

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